Credit Rating Models

Credit Rating Models

The Agusto consulting team works with the company’s management to customize a web-based credit rating model application to accurately reflect the company’s risk tolerance and business objectives.

The Agusto Credit Rating Models consulting services helps businesses develop and implement credit risk models to assess the creditworthiness of their customers and counterparties; and improve their credit risk management capabilities and reduce the likelihood of credit losses.

This is our web-based application, which has the following models:

  • Corporate Entity Grid
  • SME Grid (with financial)
  • SME Grid (without financial)
  • State Government Grid
  • Commercial Bank Grid
  • Microfinance Grid
  • Leasing Grid
  • Finance company Grid – (for Non-Bank Financial Institutions) 

Benefits of the CRMA

  • An online centralized risk management tool that is easy to deploy and can be accessed from multiple locations (web enabled).
  • Easy to use interface
  • Tamper proof as computations are coded, which makes them less susceptible to tampering and editing errors
  • Permissions for inputting data and authorizing risk reports can be controlled centrally by the administrator
  • The model can generate copies of financial data and credit rating reports